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52 healthy habits

A year-long challenge... but make it fun! Every week we invite you to work on a new habit. Choose any of them ⬇️

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Want to call a meeting but don't know where to start? Use this template! It will definitely come in handy and inspire you to make the right plan!

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Learn more productively

If you like to put off all your studies until the last moment, this template is for you! Specific tasks that break down big projects into smaller steps will allow you to spend less time on studying and be more effective at memorizing, doing homework and preparing for tests. Let’s go!

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How to overview the week?

Do you find yourself on a Friday night feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything in a week? If that happens to you often, this template will definitely come in handy. By answering these 15 questions/tasks you might realize that the week was more productive than you think!

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Personal growth

We place to this template various resources that will help you on the path of self-development. These are books on psychology, motivation, productivity. These are YouTube channels about leadership, mentoring and balance. And also we included fiction, podcasts, blogs, collections of articles. An integrated approach to discovering your true self!

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Reading habit

The benefits of reading are well known, but it's important not to force yourself — try to find your own way of enjoying books. Try this template and steps inside 📚

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Organizing a meetup

Meetups are open to informal conferences for professionals. They’re great for sharing experiences, gathering opinions, finding solutions and so much more.

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Plank challenge!

Hold a plank for 3 minutes? We have developed a 21-day program with gradually increasing workload; after finishing it, to do it will be a breeze!

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Blog post ideas

111 unique writing themes for your blog. A whole year’s worth of posts! You will definitely become inspired to write something relevant to your interests. Try now!

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📚 What to read?

We have created a list of the last year's bestsellers from the largest book sites. Here you will find both the classics and modern literature. Fiction, psychology, scientific pop. Each task is a book with a description and a link inside

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SAU for iOS

By completing the tasks from this project, you will master all the features and tricks of the SAU app for iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch in 15 minutes.

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Content bucket

Themes, plan for each post, categories, and even dates for 3+ months of content for your social media! Think of content buckets as your content categories. Categorizing your content helps to streamline your planning and creation process. Once you’re able to “bucket” or “group” your content into topics, you’ll have a simplified approach that is consistent, establishes credibility, and most importantly is repeatable.

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A new breakfast each day for a month

30 excellent breakfasts: detailed and clear recipes in task descriptions

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SAU for Android

This template contains step-by-step instructions as tasks for using the SAU app on Android devices, from downloading to using the premium features.

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Event organization

Try to put together the best online work event, conference, hangout or bachelorette party with our COVID-free template.

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There is a lot of unnecessary stuff taking up space in our closets, drawers, garages and even on our phones. This project and its tasks will help you declutter your physical and digital space with ease

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Writing a blog post

Suffering from a blank page (or even a blank screen) anxiety? Don't know where to start? Start with a plan. Create a project for yourself with this template and go through each task.

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Bucket List

"100 things to do in life" or "Bucket list" is 100 inspirational tasks that you really truly want to do! Check ours tasks, maybe you find something interesting for yourself

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My first 10K race!

A step-by-step plan with important tasks of running, rest and motivation. It will help you to run and have fun your first 10km race!

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Video for YouTube

So you've decided to create your first video for your YouTube channel. Check out our project with a step-by-step plan, compiled from recommendations from YouTube video bloggers!

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SAU for macOS

You will complete tasks from this project in 10 minutes and learn how to use SAU App for macOS. Try now!

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How to create a podcast?

The tasks of this project will help you prepare to record your first podcast and make the process easy and enjoyable. Every step from an idea to a published show — all in one project!

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Creating Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a great source of free traffic for your website, blog or online store. Brought to you by Pinterest experts, this template will help you easily create a business account and fill it with useful content. Bonus inside! Boards, pins and profile ideas for three businesses!

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Vision Board

A vision board is not just a set of pictures on a large sheet of paper. This is a working tool for selecting and prioritizing your goals, similar to SMART. We put into this template 90 examples of wishes, distributed in columns according to the sectors of the board

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Deal with finances

In this project we have listed all the steps you need to take control of your budget, keep track of expenses and pay off your debts. Here you will also find helpful resources like blogs, books and videos that will improve your financial literacy.

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